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100 years of telephony history.

 Nowadays, we find it quite normal to get into contact with someone on the other side of the world.

But how could scientists and researchers achieve this result ?

We will soon give you the opportunity to trace the history of telephony, with the help of educational material, allowing you to see it functioning or work on it.

The various stages of the project :

- showing the means of communicating throughout the ages

- discovering the electrical phenomena that will allow the invention of the telephone

- reenactment of the first telephone connection by Graham BELL in 1876

- improvement of the equipment, designed by Graham BELL, in order to make it usable at a large scale

- discovery of the first telephone net

- from manual telephony to automatical machines

- the emergence of electronics, informatics, micro-electronics, which will lead to the present telephony.

To complete our collection we are looking for documents and objects of the former RTT (telephone company)

- work clothes (caps , dusters, overalls, …)

- photographs (staff at work, festivities, events,  …)

- brochures of the school

- press cuttings

- small objects

Any document will be scanned and handed back to the owner


Daniel Stasse (Guide)

Tél : 0478 30 62 20

Calendrier 2019