Fort        de            Lantin Accueil DE FR UK NL Commemoration of 1914 – 1918

What was Lantin like in 1914 ?

Commemoration of Thursday, 14th August : the fort before the battle.

We offer you a multimedia guided tour. The tour will start with a classroom session. The theme of the visit will be the atmosphere in the fort as it was experienced by the wartime garrison. The visitors will be lead by a guide to the assembly room. After some explanation given by the guide they will enter the 2 X 150 turret and will admire a panoramic view in relief of the fort area before the battle.

Then they will see actors perform in the shooting office, showing how military objectives were chosen and fired at.

In the 120 turret comedians will carry out the orders given by the shooting officer.

The visitors will see how the turrets were used and how the ammunition was moved to the cannons.

The tour inside the fort will end with the reenactment of the surrender scene, based on the personal notes of a soldier named Heirman.

The guide will then lead his group to the central massif, where the visitors will be able to see how the 120 turret was operated according to the orders provided by the shooting officer.

The visitors will see it go up, go down and rotate. This is a very important element, as the observation turret allowed the shooting officer to collect the information needed.

We have also planned to reenact a defence exercice, which will be performed with infantrymen acting by order of the shooting officer.

The visit will end under the tent after a one hour and thirty minutes guided tour.

Our multilingual guides will attend this event, which is very important for our village and our community.